Easy Meditation

In this workshop we will define what meditation is and its purposes. We will explore simple and attainable ways to calm the mind and improve our connection to our emotions, breath and body.

Additionally, we will study various meditation techniques. Each student will experiment with different meditation approaches to figure out the easiest and most efficient ways for eventualy indulging in the practice.

At the end of our workshop, the participants will have a « tool box » that will provide with the ability to meditate and be conscious in all of life’s situations, for the best development in personal and spiritual growth.


I was always afraid of the term « Meditation » and didn’t risk practicing, because I considered for some reason that I didn’t have enough experience and I “did not dare”… What to say about this introduction to meditative practices?
Fortunately it was a success ! 🙂 I came to listen to the most experienced teacher and heard what I was missing so far! I always thought about it, but You, Paul Vishal, gave confidence and confirmed my guesses! Sincerely grateful.
Nadiya Bocharova, Yoga Teacher
Dnipro, Ukraine
I have been practicing yoga for 7 years before coming to this workshop, but meditation was still something very difficult to understand for me. I heard this word so many times…. One person says that it is difficult, another that it is just for buddhists, others that it is impossible in Kali Yuga… internet is full of meditation techniques, but I still don’t feel anything of all that resonating with me, or can truly make me understand what is meditation.
The first thing I learned in this workshop was that the fear is the first thing that does not let me explore, and all this different information created a real fear to try to meditate. Paul helped me understand that meditation is something that everyone can access, like thinking or like drinking water, you just have to allow yourself to simply try. And he introduced a few simple techniques, and you can try them all, and it feels so good. And here start the most interesting part, you understand that meditation is actually about making you feeling better, you stop thinking that meditation will make you escape from Samsara, or make you like Superman :), or fly to Mars… no, it is a simple something that can makes you feel better, makes you discover yourself simply by breathing and realizing that you are right now in the moment – alive and it is you… and this thing makes you feel true, clear and joyful…
Esselda Narwain