What is Tantra ?

Tantra is silence, and Tantra is Presence.

Tantra is presence without the chatting mind, without intentions (in-tensions), and with the transmutation of past wounds and fears.

Tantra is unification with oneself, integration of both the human and the divine. Then comes naturally the integration of the individual into the Universal.

It is a deeply profound philosophy, whose core focus is on acceptance of all aspects of life. It is a way of learning more about ourselves and open our touch with the Divine within and around. My teachings are inspired from the Tantric Shivaism from Kashmir.

The word « Tantra » is commonly associated with sexuality. Historically, many westerners have focused on the sexual part of the Tantric philosophy, to heal from sexual blockages and emotional wounds. Although there are sexual practices, Tantra has much more to offer, it is a subtle and complete way of life that leads to Enlightenment.

Sexuality is a deeply rooted energy within us and the Universe. In fact, we can observe the polarity Male-Female everywhere, as part of the Creation. Therefore it is wise to learn how to ride and dance with this power instead of fighting against or deforming it.

Sexuality is often a very unconscious and wounded part of us, therefore this power must be handled with skills, experience and higher guidance.

Tantric sexuality is a powerful way to heal, grow and embrace more of our divine Self.

Tantric meditation

Tantra is awareness, and awareness is meditation.

We are studying and practicing different techniques for the participants to find their best practice and reach an understanding of what meditation truly is.

You will get a ‘tool box’ of techniques to be able to be conscious in all the situations of daily life.

We study more specifically how to be conscious with the sexual energy, and guide this force into our energetical body, for growing, healing and expanding in our highest Self.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage could be compared to surfing 🙂

The sexual energy a powerful wave… that cannot be controled and should not control us.

But we have the possbility to ride it, and guide this power according to our intentions : to enjoy, to open, to heal, to grow, to rise and fly towards the higher Self.

Massage requires acceptance, being in the present moment, to be able to welcome whatever comes, pleasure, divine feelings, as well as blocages and old emotions being released.

Tantric massage requires total awareness, the highest intentions, playfulness, relaxation, creativity. We are also using breathing techniques, visualisations as well as the power of sound and vibration.


Proper integration is not a luxury, but a key to make the best of your experience.

Tantric work is powerful, and may reveal our divine beauty as well as wounds. Therefore it may bring unpredictable movements in your emotions, energy, psychology… That needs a dedicated time for integration, guidance and care.

I am using my long experience as a healer and Reiki Master, as well as my intuition/channeling abilities to support your process.

I want a session ! 🙂

I am helping individuals, couples and give workshops for groups.

I also give online sessions and it is so much more powerful than we could first suppose…

However, I am not saying ‘Yes’ to each and all…

Because I do consider that the sexual energy is something personal, intimitate, delicate and beautiful.

It is also commonly a space of wounds and traumas, that can explode if not handle at the right time, in the right way and with the right person.

Therefore I will consider your demand carefully and respectfully, meditate and attune with your Soul, your specific needs and what you are ready, or not ready, to receive, and answer you accordingly.



Paul is a great facilitator and a great medium that I really recommend. He helped me with my personal challenges and he did some of the deepest and profound treatment I have done in my life. He also does great integration work.
What he does is beyond words… he is a special soul.
Marte Jacobsen
organiser of Tantra festival 2022, Oslo.
The Tantric online sessions with you helped me to embrace my sensuality, and let this beautiful energy freely flow through me. It raised my awareness of my sexual energy, which is also really powerful creative energy. Moreover, this is the divine and healing energy, that helped me to release blocks in the root and sacral chakras. I managed to let go the feeling of shame and guilt for expressing myself. Instead I obtained the feeling of wholeness, integrity! The whole experience itself is hard to describe by words. It’s the vibrations I felt, the connection, which stayed with me for days after each session. My creativity and productivity increases too. Thank you Paul for helping me to connect to this divine energy, open my heart and connect to my higher self. Meeting you played a big role in my transformational and healing processes. I feel really grateful and blessed.
Yaroslava Borukh
Oslo, Norway
Tantra, as I understand it, and my conclusions from experience. I will not clutter up my understanding with information from the Internet about Tantra, these are only my thoughts and my experience with you. Tantra is Love and Respect. it is not only love for a particular person, but a state of interaction. interactions not only between men and women and not only with sexual energy. Tantra can be in house cleaning, cooking, at work, traveling somewhere, planting flowers, talking… Tantra can happen in everything and at any time. Tantra arises when love arises for what a person does. If love arises, it is Tantra. Tantra can occur between complete strangers. This happens when in each of them there is love and respect for oneself and the world.
Ksenia Maturina
Dnipro, Ukraine

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