Paul Vishal

— Medium – Meditation – Healing —


I am practicing meditation and healing with passion since many years.

After intense practice I found inner silence and from this silence grew psychic abilities, like channeling and healing.

I am using these abilities to encourage your talents, help healing blocages and wounds, and tell you about your past lives, Soul-mission…

Many years of experience into healing, meditation and Tantra at service to your happiness, success and spiritual grows…

You are not here by coincidence,

Looking forward meeting You,


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Online sessions

Meditation and Healing Groups
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany,
France, Spain, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia,
India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand.
since 2013

No mind Festival, Angsbacka, Sweden. Tantra Festival, Oslo, Norway. Connect Tantra Festival, Skotterud, Norway. Yoga & Arts Festival, Sparreholm, Sweden.
Avatar Yoga Festival, Odessa, Ukraine.
Veda Life Festival, Kiev, Ukraine.
Festival of Alternative Therapies, Oslo, Norway.

TEDx about Meditation
Valenciennes, France.

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Individual Healing

Healing comes from the desire of the healee for personal growth, transformation, moving towards freedom and happiness. The therapist simply encourage and assists the birth of the new life energy.

So the first step is the desire, the motivation of the patient for change. Trust is the second indispensable element.

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Healing & Soul-Reading

During a « Healing & Soul-Reading », we have a short introduction about basic spiritual practices and healing, then we have a guided meditation and I go around the group and give a short treatment to each person, along with a message adapted to your personal need (it is recommended to record the message).

The experience can be strong and transformative, it all depends on the participant’s readiness and willingness for positive transformation.

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Reiki Workshop

Reiki is a healing modality that was introduced by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. It has been then spread out in the world for the benefit of millions of people.

REI means universal energy. KI means individual energy. REI-KI hence, is the possibility for an individual to channel universal Energy and transfer it through the hands. It is hands-on healing with universal Energy.

Moreover it is a philosophy and a life-style, whithin which the practionner is dedicated about Self-discovery, authenticity, simplicity, awareness, and openness to a higher wisdom.

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Distant Healing

Life brings to us some crisis in order to LEARN and GROW, not to feel powerless victims.

They are opportunities to go deeper inside, getting aware of unsolved issues, reach potentials and talents, and heal.

With a simple and flexible distant appointment, we can see what is happening now in your life, and look at it from a higher perspective. I will channel for you useful information and ‘work’ on your energy.

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Easy Meditation

In this workshop we will define what meditation is and its purposes. We will explore simple and attainable ways to calm the mind and improve our connection to our emotions, breath and body.

Additionally, we will study various meditation techniques.

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Super-Mind Workshop

In this workshop we come to understand how our mind works, its weaknesses and strenghts, how it can bring us down or be our best friend for spiritual and social accomplishment.

We are also having meditation practices and learn about ‘positive thinking’, mindfulness, the law of attraction, creative visualisation, etc.

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Tantra Workshop

Tantra is a deeply profound philosophy, whose core focus is on acceptance of all aspects of life. It is a way of learning more about ourselves and open our touch with the Divine within and outside of us. My teachings are inspired from the Tantric Shivaism from Cachemire.

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Healing and Self-Realization

In this workshop I share the knowledge and experiences that have been the most transformative in my personal journey.

We are talking about energy-healing, personal development, spiritual growth, but also how my vision of the world has changed around fundamental themes such as: the meaning of life, the role of suffering and ordeal, awakening, Karma, Reincarnation, etc.

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I attended Paul’s healing & soul reading for the first time recently. I had no expectations, except that I had a strong gut feeling that I should attend. (…) We all got healing and long message from Paul and his Guides. He went around us several times. I experienced the healing and the messages very strongly. (…) But the most powerful was the message he gave to me. I started to cry, because I recognised it and it was just like my heart has been waiting for this message. I felt very happy after the healing & soul reading and felt a new impetus. I look forward to the next healing & soul reading!
Jan Ove, Community-Worker
Oslo, Norway
I met Paul for personal healing many times. The first time was a turning point in my life, which unblocked so many issues I had chosen not to face then, and started cascading from there. Now no two healers are the same even if they use the same technique. Paul combines his passion for helping others with deep insight and a unique gentleness in his touch, his words and his overall approach.
Tarek, Agriculture Engineer
Thank you for the wonderful Healing-workshop Paul! It was really nice to come together with the group. You gave us good guidelines in opening as well as increasing healing abilities and through meditation you guided us too, so we came in contact with our Higher Self. The initiation you gave to each opened a good opportunity to get in contact with our Higher Source of wisdom within us. It was indeed a personal transformation. When we left your place we had just a common feeling… what a nice and beautiful way to spend the weekend!! We didnt mind the greyish days because we have the LIGHT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE amongst us and within each of us. Paul, thank you ever so much for the wonderful experience !
Erlinda Skoglund
Oslo, Norway

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