Individual Healing

Healing comes from the desire of the healee for personal growth, transformation, moving towards freedom and happiness. The therapist simply encourage and assists the birth of the new life energy.

So the first step is the desire, the motivation of the patient for change. Trust is the second indispensable element. The relation between the healer and the healee needs to be 100% made of trust. They together, hand in hand, explore the realms of the psyche and the soul, to find the gold of healing and wisdom.

Healing can take different forms depending on the specific needs of the healee. It can be unfolding important information about the blockages and/or the talents of the healee. It can be energy work to help release past emotions, It can imply body-work (stretching, massage…) to clean the body from old emotional imprint(s) and allows a better energy flow. There can be a lot of psychology, as it is the way for real freedom. And eventually there is what I call the « Soul-level », where we can have access to information about life’s main purposes, reasons for challenges, past-lives regression, anything that helps to have a vaster perspective on the Soul’s journey.

So my healing is a holistic approach integrating these 5 aspects : body, emotions, energy, psychology and « Soul-level » and therefore can be very powerful.

It is important to understand that the healing depends on what the healee is ready to integrate at the specific time of the healing and also how strong is the desire for change.

It is often a turning point in life.

There are 2 options:
– « Soul-reading » (reading your blocks/ talents and related guidance), around 45 min. or more. – online or in presence –
– « Full treatment » (‘Soul-reading’ + body-emotions-energy), around 90 min. or more. – in presence only –

Prices can vary with the countries, the healing centers and the room renting.

Please contact me for more info and booking :

(As money should not be an obstacle to personal growth, we could discuss an adapted agreement if needed)


Very deep healing with you. Very confronting but efficient, thank you for being there for me. And thank you for your healing touch. It is so magical how you know exactly how and where to touch. Deep deep gratitude to you.
Isabelle Schiltz, massage therapist
Oslo, Norway
Paul Vishal has very good qualities as a healer. He creates a warm and trusting atmosphere. As a client you feel safe and secure in his healing sessions. Paul Vishal’s gift is an extraordinary fine tuned ability to see and nurture what the client needs here and now.
Christian, writer and filmmaker
Paul, Thank you for your support throughout this physical and energetic operation. Also I want to say thank you for encouraging me to continue following my Soul’s path.
I am feeling very blessed to have met you and that our Guides communicate quite clearly with one another ! It has been a pleasure for me even with the intensities.
I have fully enjoyed all of this. Looking forward for another time in our lives that we can dive deeper! Thank you. PS : you are amazing! 🙂
Jayne Kucharsky, traveler

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