Distant Healing

Life brings to us some crisis in order to LEARN and GROW, not to feel powerless victims.

They are opportunities to go deeper inside, getting aware of unsolved issues, reach potentials and talents, grow in wisdom and heal.

With a simple and flexible distant appointment, we can see what is happening now in your life, and look at it from a higher perspective. I will share with you useful information and ‘work’ on your energy.

Healing will come from the information you will receive from your deeper and higher Self and the energy work, and as body-emotions-mind and Soul are intimately connected, it makes possible physical change and Life-transformation.

To reserve a time you can use the booking button. You can also contact me to agree on another time slot.

Practical :

* There are some exemples of online Soul-readings on my Podcast channel : anchor.fm/paul-vishal

* Paiement before the session on Paypal : profdid@yahoo.fr

or with a bank transfer (You can ask for my bank number and cover the transfer’s cost).

* An average online session is around 45-60 mns, but can be more or less depending on the person. You can also set a budget prior to the session.

(Money should not be an issue and you can contact me if an adapted agreement is needed)

* I will send you a link for an appointment on Zoom.

* We will record your session so you will not need to write during the session and the precious information will be kept precise and accurate.

* You can prepare some questions. Usually clear and precise questions attract clear and precise answers. I do not need to know your questions in advance. Any kind of questions are welcome.

* It is recommended not to hold your phone during the online session, so you can relax more and have your hands free (you may use a laptop or a headset).

* Then find a comfortable and quiet place, warm enough so you could relax.

* The session will depend on what You are ready to receive and to learn about yourself.

* Here you are accepted and loved the way you are, embracing all facets of your Soul journey.


The second time Paul did a reading for me, it was a distant-reading and it was as powerful as the first reading, face to face. He really gives you answers to questions that you have or maybe you didn’t know that you have them. he is clearly a powerful medium who creates a pure connection with your higher-Self or whatever name you may call it. With him I easily connect with beautiful pure energies. Powerful energy-worker and super down-to-earth at the same time !
Sophie Hüttenrauch

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