I have been to Paul’s for healing many times. The first time was a turning point in my life, which unblocked so many issues I had chosen not to face then, and started cascading from there. Now no two healers are the same even if they use the same technique. Paul combines his passion for helping others with deep insight and a unique gentleness in his touch, his words and his overall approach.
Tarek, Agricultural engineer
Very deep healing with Paul. Very confronting but efficient, thank you for being there for me. And thank you for your healing touch. It is so magical how you know exactly how and where to touch. Deep deep gratitude to you.
Isabelle Schiltz, Massage therapist
Oslo, Norway
Paul, Thank you for your support throughout this physical and energetic operation. Also I want to say thank you for encouraging me to continue following my Soul’s path.
I am feeling very blessed to have met you and that our Guides communicate quite clearly with one another ! It has been a pleasure for me even with the intensities.
I have fully enjoyed all of this. Looking forward for another time in our lives that we can dive deeper!
Thank you. PS: you are amazing! ????
Jayne Kucharsky, Traveler
It’s such a pleasure to be able to share the magical memory I have of Paul. I casually met Paul in a travelers hostel in Ibiza through a mutual friend. Paul’s relaxed and open demeanor is soothing to those in his presence. I immediately felt at ease and trusted him and we decided to do a healing session. On top of a cliff side overlooking the beach of Benirras Paul’s calming and natural energy guided me into a place of peace and spirituality. Paul supported me in unlocking and channeling my inner energy. Incredibly Paul allowed for himself to be used as a vessel for my spiritual guides to communicate messages of support and encouragement to me. This experience was genuinely life changing for me. Time was of no object as I embraced the teachings that Paul was channeling for me. I am unbelievably grateful to Paul for opened my mind, body and soul to a world of new possibilities. I feel I have so much to learn from Paul. So I look forward to the day our paths cross again. I’m sure it will be another memorable experience.
Amanda, Nurse
I went to visit Cambodia for one month. This time I wanted to try something new and therefore booked a few nights in a centre for Meditation and Yoga. The exercises did well to me, but I was far from being happy. Since my wife had died almost 2 years ago, my days were filled with deep grief and I felt disconnected from life. After 2 or 3 days in the centre I met Paul. I just came back from a half day visit of the temples of Angkor when he asked me if I have had a good day? I was surprised to hear myself giving an honest answer: “I hardly remember anymore how a good day feels like” was my response. Later, after dinner, Paul sat beside me and told me what he feels and what he sees about me. During the following days he spent much time with me. He meditated with me, spoke to me about my past lives and about how he sees my future. He told me many things for me to understand my challenge from a higher perspective, and that he could see a beautiful plan in what had happened to me and clearly sees a path leading to a different life. Paul said that it is time to open another chapter in my life and though I could not believe in it, from this moment I could not fall into such deep grief anymore, even if I tried hard! I don`t understand what he did, but until now I feel much better and am gaining again a connection to life and the wish to live and make many more experiences in this world. Looking back, I feel that we were supposed to meet in Cambodia, that meeting Paul was a kind of turning point in my life. I am not what you may call a happy person now, but I can enjoy life more and more and start to feel curious about what-else my future will have to offer for me. And I try to meditate every day.
Ingo, Social worker
Paul Vishal has very good qualities as a healer. He creates a warm and trusting atmosphere. As a client you feel safe and secure in his healing sessions. Paul Vishal’s gift is an extraordinary fine tuned ability to see and nurture what the client needs here and now.
Christian, Writer and Filmmaker
I attended Paul’s healing-group for the first time recently. I had no expectations, except that I had a strong gut feeling that I should attend. The first thing I saw, is how Paul made it all comfortable for us, and also took time to explain his work and what we will do. I perceive Paul as a man with great care and humble in his way of being. We all got healing and long message from Paul and his Guides. He went around us several times. I experienced the healing and the messages he gave to me, very strongly. I had pain in my shoulder-blades. One of the first thing he does when he came to me, is to place his hands on the shoulder-blades. It felt good and after that night, it has been better. But the most powerful was the message he gave to me. I started to cry, because I recognized it and it was just like my heart has been waiting for this message. I felt very happy after the healing circle and felt a new impetus. In addition, there was a nice group of people who were present that evening. For me this was an evening of healing, news and community, I would not have missed. I look forward to the next healing circle! Thank you, Paul!
Jan Ove, Social Worker
Oslo, Norway
Sometimes words cannot reach what my heart wants to tell. It was a very beautiful healing with you. Not only me, but also to see the others in the room opening up in vulnerability and humbleness… At the end of the session I could see the eyes (including my own) had shifted totally…
Very beautiful.
You got a great gift Paul.
Jeevani Dahlgren
Oslo, Norway
The intuition guided me to your healing Circle and now I can’t leave the feeling of your warmth and how you generously channeled The Love of everything. I’ve never recognized those energies from a person so clearly before, and am very grateful for the touch of your soul. Such beauty that it already feels addictive.
Maria, Designer
Oslo, Norway
From the start of the session I felt very connected with my whole Self and all that was taking place. We did a meditation on light and love sharing from our hearts. The feeling was strong and also the mental images in my third eye. After a short 10 mns meditation, Paul asked us to open up to the Divine, to our Gods, Guides, what we each refer to as our higher-Self for healing and guidance. He then came to all of us one by one for a private healing. I was the last and I really felt his presence when he came, he had the Divine with him! He said some real truths to me. That really moved something deep and long forgotten in my very hurting past. He said it was ok and that was all prepared for us to learn and grow from. His words where so beautiful, they where from the Divine! He went around the circle twice and on his second visit to me he said that we should go deeper in the healing and that it was not the place. Of course I felt that I had to go deeper and we made an appointment for a private session.
Koh-Phangan, Thailand
Thanks a lot for a very nice Healing circle! Coming into this room filled with so much lovely energies and words of high and important wisdom, feels so releasing! I have felt a lot of stress lately and a lot of tension, today I am more relaxed. Namaste!
Oslo, Norway
Thank you for what you did for us all yesterday. The 3 of us had a very long and interesting talk last night, and both my daughters were amazed about how accurate your messages were. You are amazing, and it was a pleasure and honor to spend time in your presence. Thank you!
Oslo, Norway
Thank you for the wonderful Healing-workshop Paul!
It was really nice to come together with the group. You gave us good guidelines in opening as well as increasing healing abilities and through meditation you guided us too, so we came in contact with our Higher Self.
The initiation you gave to each opened a good opportunity to get in contact with our Higher Source of wisdom within us. It was indeed a personal transformation.
When we left your place we had just a common feeling… what a nice and beautiful way to spend the weekend!! We didnt mind the greyish days because we have the LIGHT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE amongst us and within each of us.
Paul, thank you ever so much for the wonderful experience!
Erlinda Skoglund
Oslo, Norway
I was already thinking to learn Healing when Paul appeared in my life. After talking a few minutes, we started to discuss about Healing and he told me that he could teach me the first steps. Being a long term meditator and interested in spiritual practices, I thought that it would be great and we decided that he could come back and stay with us at my retreat center for my initiation. The same night, I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange vibration in my body lasting about 20 or 30 seconds, and this repeated itself 3 times… I was not afraid but very curious of what it could be. The next day, Paul came back to the center and after some talks we decided that it could have been some strong signal to start my initiation. The next few days we worked together and I felt a very good energy flowing through my body. We exchanged Healing and I also practiced with some of our guests here who felt some strong energy. I keep practicing occasionally and hope to get better at it…
Bruno l’Hoste, Photographer & Director of « Angkor Zen Garden »
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Thank you Paul for the great Reiki 2 workshop ! I feel very enthusiastic about the method, I tried it with a friend with physical problems, and she had a painless night after ???? and sent distant Reiki to another friend yesterday and seemed to positively impact him, it feels like a gift!
Oslo, Norway
Thanks Paul Vishal for the wonderful experience! During our practice I felt a lot of high Divine energy and the presence of Divine guides and Masters! After the workshop I wanted to share Love and Light with everybody! Thank you for opening our hearts!
Katrin, Yoga Teacher
Shelkovo, Russia
Paul’s seminar helped me to open my inner abilities, to understand what I need to work on, to see the blocks and to open them, to open my heart… I learned to work with Divine Energy and to transmit it through hands. And also I got such important inner experience which I can’t describe with words. I want to thank beautiful Paul through whom so well pass a stream of Divine Force and Love that he can pass to all people and help to recover many, with various blocks and problems. and also to teach them to heal others!
Natasha, Iconographier
Moscow, Russia
Thank you for the seminar and for initiation. It was a huge support for me. I went to the seminar after severe stress. Just one day after I felt my energy balance was completely restaured. In the following days I noticed several positive results for myself : it became easier to accept everything as it is, I had a relaxed attitude to everything, a feeling of joy and happiness. At the physical level I had “lump in the throat” from colds, which I did not know how to treat, which went away after the workshop. The other day I tried to help my daughter with a headache, and, oddly enough, the pain decreased significantly. Paul, thank you very much !
Natalia, HR Manager
Moscow, Russia
Dear Kate and Paul thank you for a wonderful master-class you had organized in Moscow. It was a great pleasure to meet such interesting person as Paul and to learn so many new things about meditation and treatment. We will never forget Paul’s patience and kindness. I hope we shall meet again before too long!
Moscow, Russia
I sincerely thank Paul for the master class! I Enjoyed his availability and knowledge, like the fact that we have mastered some diverse practical techniques of meditation. Paul is very attentive to his audience, trying to answer all questions, help each student to discover his potential. I wish Paul further success in healing, and I would be pleased to visit him in the next master class in Moscow or in another part of the world!
Moscow, Russia
A wonderful workshop. Paul created a lovely space for the group to go deeper into the world of healing with attention of everyone´s need. I got exactly what I needed to take the next step.
Oslo, Norway
Dear Paul, I want to thank you so much for our wonderful healing day. I felt both nourished and peaceful. There were very good and pure energies at your place that reflected who you are, your intention and where you come from.
Tal, Musician
Oslo, Norway
I have been practicing yoga for 7 years before coming to this workshop, but meditation was still something very difficult to understand for me. I heard this word so many times…. One person is saying that it is difficult, another that it is just for buddhists, others that is impossible in Kali Yuga… internet is full of meditation techniques, but I still don’t feel anything of all that resonating with me, or can truly make me understand what is meditation. The first thing I learned in this workshop was that the fear is the first thing that does not let me explore, and all this different information created a real fear to try to meditate.
Paul helped me understand that meditation is something that everyone can access, like thinking or like drinking water, you just have to allow yourself to simply try. And he introduced a few simple techniques, and you can try them all, and it feels so good. And here start the most interesting part, you understand that meditation is actually about making you feeling better, you stop thinking that meditation will make you escape from Samsara, or make you like Superman :), or fly to Mars… no, it is just a simple something that makes you feel better, makes you discover yourself simply by breathing and realizing that you are right now in the moment – alive and it is you…. and this thing makes you feel true, clear and joyful…
Esselda Narwain
I was always afraid of the term “Meditation” and didn’t risk practicing, because I considered for some reason that I didn’t have enough experience and I “did not dare” …. What to say about this introduction to meditative practices ?
Fortunately it was a success !:-) I came to listen to the most experienced teacher and heard what I was missing so far! I always thought about it, but You, Paul Vishal, gave confidence and confirmed my guesses! Sincerely grateful.
Nadiya Bocharova
Dnipro, Ukraine
Paul is a great facilitator and a great medium that I really recommend. He helped me with my personal challenges and he did some of the deepest and profound treatment I have done in my life. He also does great integration work.
What he does is beyond words… he is a special soul.
Marte Jacobsen
Organiser of Tantra festival 2022, Oslo.
The Tantric online sessions with you helped me to embrace my sensuality, and let this beautiful energy freely flow through me. It raised my awareness of my sexual energy, which is also really powerful creative energy. Moreover, this is the divine and healing energy, that helped me to release blocks in the root and sacral chakras. I managed to let go the feeling of shame and guilt for expressing myself. Instead I obtained the feeling of wholeness, integrity! The whole experience itself is hard to describe by words. It’s the vibrations I felt, the connection, which stayed with me for days after each session. My creativity and productivity increases too. Thank you Paul for helping me to connect to this divine energy, open my heart and connect to my higher self. Meeting you played a big role in my transformational and healing processes. I feel really grateful and blessed.
Yaroslava Borukh
Oslo, Norway.
Tantra, as I understand it, and my conclusions from experience. I will not clutter up my understanding with information from the Internet about Tantra, these are only my thoughts and my experience with you. Tantra is Love and Respect. it is not only love for a particular person, but a state of interaction. interactions not only between men-women and not only with sex. Tantra can be in house cleaning, cooking, at work, traveling somewhere, planting flowers, talking… Tantra can happen in everything and at any time. Tantra arises when love arises for what a person does. If love arises, it is Tantra. Tantra can occur between complete strangers. This happens when in each of them there is love and respect for oneself and the world.
Ksenia Miturina
Dnipro, Ukraine
For me this workshop was very transformative. I understand now that of course I can go to find a Guru somewhere in India, but I can also be fully present to my life and reveal the inner Master!
By telling us his personal story in a very simple and friendly way, Paul makes us trust in our inner power, make us look deep inside ourselves, make us asking ourselves questions like: why I choose this body? Why this experience? Who am I? And here the new journey begins… you start realizing your fears, and some of them transform into personal choice that your soul choose to live… you start to see your true self no longer with a mirror full of fears… you start feeling the power of being your own master… and then there is so much to rediscover about yourself…
Esselda Narwain
The second time Paul did a reading for me, it was a distant-reading and it was as powerful as the first reading, face to face. He really gives you answers to questions that you have or maybe you didn’t know that you have them. He is clearly a powerful medium who creates a pure connection with your higher-Self or whatever name you may call it. With him I easily connect with beautiful pure energies. Powerful energy-worker and super down to earth at the same time!
Sophie Hüttenrauch
If you ever get the chance to have a healing or soul-reading, in presence or distant with Paul do not hesitate! I can say without any doubt that meeting Paul changed my life. He is a gifted soul who is a clear and humble channel for Spirit, Guides and higher forms of wisdom. You will experience this connection through him and will be left in no doubt that you are never alone. Bless you Paul.
Melissa ‘Moonshine’
My session with Paul was an experience that I really treasure. Before we start I had the feeling of his calm, peaceful and gentle energy. That feeling stayed with me for all the session. I felt warmly supported all the time. His words touched some strings of my soul for their truth, though it was a distant session. Paul is a professional that I deeply and truly recommend.
Sharon, Studient and Traveler
Reiki 1, Thailand.