Healing and Self-realization

In this workshop I share the knowledge and experiences that have been the most transformative in my personal journey.

We are talking about energy-healing, personal development, spiritual growth, but also how my vision of the world has changed around fundamental themes such as: the meaning of life, the role of suffering and ordeal, awakening, Karma, Reincarnation, etc.

The workshop is based on a ‘questions and answers‘ scheme with also practical exercises. I am not trying to convince but simply to share, speaking of real experiences and fewer theories, while being aware that our belief system and our worldview have a powerful and transformative effect, which can facilitate our Inner healing and lead us to wisdom.


For me this workshop was very transformative. I understand now that of course I can go to find a Guru somewhere in India, but I can also be fully present to my life and reveal the inner Master ! By telling us his personal story in a very simple and friendly way, Paul makes us trust in our inner power, make us look deep inside ourselves, make us asking ourselves questions like : why I chose this body ? Why this experience ? Who am I ? And here the new journey begins …. you start realizing your fears, and some of them transform into personal choice that your soul chose to live …you start to see your true self no longer with a mirror full of fears… you start feeling the power of being your own master… and then there is so much to rediscover about yourself…
Esselda Narwain